Environmental protection intellectualization scrap rubber regenerative equipment application present situation and trend of development

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    The river China and Soviet Union macro environmental protection science and technology Limited company, is located in Jiangsu Province Jiangyin country high technology and new technology development zone, invests hundred million Yuan. Is the macro rubber pools capital together by the day clear equipment manufacture with Taizhou in this year the establishment. Advanced manufacture experience equips which the day clear company, the macro many year reclaimed rubber desulphurization regeneration technical background unifies with Taizhou. Has made up in Taizhou macro originally the weak point which experiences in the equipment manufacture aspect.
    The river China and Soviet Union macro environmental protection is bases on, the solution scrap tire rubber green loop use, provides the project design, the specialized technical service provider, with scrap rubber desulphurization regenerative equipment, ten thousand ton complete production line's suppliers. The company uses the independent research and development “the environmental protection scrap rubber desulphurization regenerative equipment” the processing technology and the screw rod mixed iron-smelting technology; Has solved in for many years scrap rubber regeneration use process, has two questions and so on pollution, Gao Nenghao, security hidden dangers to the conditions.
   The present company has installed has completed a intellectualized, the linkage 10,000-ton ship embryo reclaimed rubber production demonstration line, will get down continues will continue to install a 10 thousand-ton butyl pellet reclaimed rubber production demonstration line. The breach tradition desulphurization craft and the subversion pressure build up the unit 6 (7) computer two, becomes 4 computer two. Later may supply the Brother unit to visit, the exchange, the study together. Similarly also hoped that can give in us proposes the valued suggestion.
   In original Taizhou macro screw rod extrusion cutting desulphurization regenerative equipment, presents each bit of majority to have the understanding possibly, collects information some are positive, also has some are negative possibly, but we take seriously the gold not to fear the fire to build up, so long as can withstand the user the test, with accepts the user the valued suggestion. The trust changes our profession traditional process questions and so on existence high pollution, Gao Nenghao, security hidden danger, very quick can solve. Does not have well certainly since the ancient times, only then better. Therefore in us the macro person forever will not satisfy the present situation, unceasing superego, will enable each set of equipments to satisfy the user the real demand. Recently we also had a set to send to Shandong user that use, produced non-unusual smell entire embryo reclaimed rubber nature: Intensity above 9.0MPA, elongation above 350, gate Nepal in 55-60. This family user before is ordering us to equip officially originally, sent 20 ton rubber powder to produce in our company, then pulled back the desulphurization good rubber powder carries on the fining to issue Large expanse of the client use, obtained the client authorization, simultaneously did to the reclaimed rubber parks gate Nepal rebound the examination, the first month rebound 5 gate Nepal value, the second month rebound 2. They after obtaining these actual data. Only then official and our conclude and sign contract. Because before them, also has eaten many some not mature device's owing, therefore have been more to the equipment purchase a discretion. As for us also favors and such user cooperation, because they to work rigorously, earnest, specialized, the responsible manner. Had resolved the later both sides cooperate the road can walk far.
   Latter continues us in places users such as the Cangzhou area, Hubei must begin the run production one after another, and we have received the old user to turn head this year the list, these may also explain that our equipment is the unable to stand the test and the use. Did not look like the individual colleague to purchase some equipments to turn pile of scrap iron, but had the misery word. Even has lost to the new technical confidence and the formidable repel, lets the entire profession not look at the green intelligence manufacture hope by mistake.
   The macro equipment present and other sweetener compares, has the biggest flaw is the price is relatively high, but in the certain circumstances the price high also possibly is one kind of merit, wants a set maturely, stable, reliable, the intellectualized device, is willing in the production cost the flowered initial capital, on the core part to work hard. Certainly we also devote in guarantee the equipment under the reliable premise, reduces the production cost as far as possible, cuts the selling price, yields profit the back coupling in the user. But essential is our device's run cost is very low, basically ran for 15 months to take back the earlier period multi-investment cost, had the economic efficiency along with the later period operation is very considerable. Why looks like the original small Japan's vehicle compared to Germany is Che Yaomai good, because everybody clear his oil consumption has occupied the biggest superiority.
   In 45 plan requirements and “Internet +” under tendency, macro environmental protection in Taizhou in macro equipment original foundation, has carried on five major part optimizations and the upgrade, causes the outfit to implement the even more clear purification, the modulation, the linkage, the intellectualization, the informationization.
   Sends greatly influentials the following several points:
   One. Automatic gauge mixed system
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