Our Advantages

6 key advantages of our self-developed system and Eco-process

Energy saving and environment protecting

The equipmenthas adopted“frequency conversion”controlling system, with functions of extrusion, cutting, automatic electromagnetic heating, these optimizations could reduce energy consumption by 30%. During the process, there is no water required and only small amount of environment-friendly softening agents need to be added according to the receipt. There will be no sewage and gas emission, which prevents secondary pollution.


Our control system has adopted PLC program control unit and touch-screen technology, once the receiptand operation parameters are set, the process would be automatically conducted. One operator could coverthe entire control system. 

Stability and high efficiency

Our system features functions like automatic batchingand material blending, forced feeding, fixed and stable material processing, which would not be impacted by external humidity and temperature fluctuation. During itscontinuous process there will be no material stick on screw and barrel. The core components are made of alloy steel with nitriding treatment, which ensures the durability of our system and reduces faulty rate. The production capacity of our ZH-FYJ180 system is two times of traditional dynamitic devulcanizationtank.

High-quality outcomes

The devulcanized rubber produced by our system has several features including high conversion rate, high quality, high stability, low Mooney rebound and etc. The Mooney rebound could be controlled under 8unitafter one month storage. As inspected by Tianjin Rubber Research Institute, under the same raw material and receipt, the performance of our devulcanized rubber that produced by waste tire powder without coal tar have exceeded the traditional dynamic method.

High security

The transmission parts are sealedin an enclosed chamber, no pressureequipment is needed during the production,hence eliminates inflammable and explosive risks.

Convenient maintenance

Our system isassembled by module units, which is smaller than the traditional devulcanize tank. Also it is easier and convenient to maintain.
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