The oak cooperates to advance scrap rubber comprehensive utilization profession green reforming with steady steps

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 Chinese rubber network news    “the green development already became the scrap rubber comprehensive utilization to implement the important way which reforming upgrades, is the profession development marches into the new habit, the development mode by pollutes, the high consumption, the high emissions high to the environmental protection, the low-carbon, the secure transformation crucial stage.”In China rubber industry association scrap rubber comprehensive utilization branch on October 20 in the council workshop which convenes in Guangzhou, the oak cooperates scrap rubber comprehensive utilization branch Secretary General Cao Qingxin to emphasize.


 Scrap rubber rubber

 The chart cooperates the scrap rubber comprehensive utilization branch council workshop scene for the oak


 “insists the green development, strengthens the energy conservation environmental protection technology, the craft, the equipment promoted application, comprehensive carrying out clean production; The development loop economy, enhances the resource recovery use efficiency, the construction green manufacture system, walks the ecology civilization the development path; The structure optimizes, the transformation lifting traditional industry, cultivates one batch to have the core competitiveness industrial colony and the enterprise group, walks raises the nature efficiency the development path; The talented person for this, speeds up the raise development urgently needed specialized technology talented person, the management and operation talented person, the skill talented person; These will be scrap rubber comprehensive utilization profession this year and the next key work.”Cao Qingxin said.

 The oak cooperated scrap rubber comprehensive utilization branch director, Tangshan to be popular the space oak to model Limited company General Manager Gao Shixing to summarize 1- in October council work. He indicated that at the general meeting and under the branch council's leadership, the branch secretariat strengthened to enterprise's inspection investigation and study, the attention, the propaganda national policy, bootstrap enterprise scientific innovation green reforming, transforms the environmental protection, the security, the clean production method takes the job objective, implements converting into resources, the loop use.

 Gao Shixing said that is apart from in 2016 also to have less than 70 day, the next step work is carrying on methodically. Including impetus profession green reforming, carries out “45” the profession plan; Continues to participate in the country industrial policy positively the formulation, positively to National Reporting Enterprise demand; Continues to push the movable property dirt payment policy formulation; Transmits the energy to the enterprise, safeguards the profession adaptation situation steady progression.

 At the meeting, the council members have considered the branch “in 2015 1- in October working condition and the next step work plan”, transmitted the branch the secretariat to appoint Qi Xuezhi for assistant deputy secretary-general's notice, to recommended Gao Shixing to solicit the suggestions for ninth session of council directors.

 In addition, the conference has also transmitted the labor letter department "about Collection Key industry Prevention and control of pollution, Clean Production Technology Letter", has transmitted the scrap rubber comprehensive utilization profession “45” the development project and the research and development and the formulation project and executes the Enterprise unit to recommend the content. The consideration passed the report which applications and so on Qingzhou broad letter rubber Limited company join a society, applications and so on Hubei China hundred million rubber Limited companies for the director unit's report, proposes a king wisdom to hold the post of the profession first session talented youth fraternity association president's report.

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