The scrap tire overflows “the black pollution” to become the environmental protection difficult problem

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 Soars, the automobile industry development along with the economy, recent years, China produced every year the worn out tire in by 8%-10% speed sharp growth, has become one kind of new pollution.

 A statistical figure displayed that to 2020, the Chinese worn out tire output will amount to 20,000,000 tons. Day by day the aggravating “the black pollution” this frail ecological environment has had one misfortune after another for China, therefore, the government worn out tire causes “the black pollution” urgently. But faces the quantity so huge worn out tire, also how should implement recycles waste?

 Chinese worn out tire output whole world first

 According to the environmental protection department statistical data displayed that up to 2014 year's end, the Chinese vehicle inventory reaches 264,000,000, in which automobile 154,000,000, the vehicle driver breaches 300,000,000 people.

 Ministry of Public Security hands over the administrative bureau the concerned person in charge to introduce that continues along with the economic society to develop fast, the populace purchase the rigid demand to be exuberant, the Chinese automobile inventory will continue to assume the swift growth tendency.

 However along with automobile's popularization, garbage and so on worn out tire also gradually increases. Some news said that the Chinese tire output 10 years have occupied the world leader continuously, produce every year the worn out tire is also the whole world first.

 The professional forecast that the Chinese scrap rubber and the worn out tire's generation quantity can be getting more and more. According to incomplete statistics, in 2013, the Chinese worn out tire had the quantity already to achieve 299,000,000, the weight amounts to 10,800,000 tons and is growing approximately by the every year 8%-10% speed.

 On the one hand is grows day by day the huge tire output data, on the other hand is actually the worn out tire safety incident and the contamination problem which makes to have a headache many.

 In recent years, saw the press repeatedly by the worn out tire initiation's safety incident, the worn out tire long-term bulk depositions, extremely easy to cause the fire, and easy to cause two pollution.

 It can be imagined, is situated the tire inventory world leader China, the worn out tire exists the hidden danger is self-evident, the science valid handling worn out tire has become the popular proposition which in the recent years industry discussed.

 Easy multiplying disease and initiation fire

 In recent years, became along with tire's contamination problem highlights day after day, the people caused “the black pollution” to the worn out tire the attention also gradually to add.

 It is known that the tire except has pollution and so on outside waste gas, waste water in the production process, its quantity's sharp growth is causing “the black pollution” seriously to the Earth, brings the very big challenge for the environmental protection.

 According to the professional introduced that the worn out tire is one kind needs to take the massive conditions space the waste, and compresses with difficulty, collects and eliminates. In view of the fact that the old tire resolves needs the time not to be indefinite, therefore they do not have the biological degradability, moreover its ingredient including some dangerous elements, like lead, chromium, cadmium and other heavy metals, if handles and controls improper, poses the threat to the human body health and the conditions.

 Moreover, jumps over the product more worn out tire long-term air storages, not only will take the massive land resource, moreover extremely easy to multiply the mosquito spread disease, the serious worsened natural environment, and possible to cause the fire, will threaten people's life and the property security.

 In some zones, the worn out tire serves as the fuel, periphery the serious pollution causes the blade of grass not to be fresh. As a result of its configuration and ingredient particularity, air storage worn out tire, once ignites is very then difficult to check and to suppress, and will produce the massive smog and the virulent pollutant, serious pollution of the environment and threat human body health.

 For example in 1990 occurred in Canadian Lake Ontario's black Gosse the Vyell fire, continues is 17 hours, some 12,600,000 tires are burnt, 1700 people are dispersed, the massive oil class material permeating soil, the nearby rivers by the multi-link aromatic hydrocarbon pollution, the loss which created with difficulty are also estimated.

 Why does the worn out tire use again is hesitant to advance?

 China is the rubber consumes the great nation, according to the statistics, in 2011 the national consumption rubber 230,000 tons, occupies second in the world. Every year produces the rubber products quantity 460,000 tons, the worn out rubber has the quantity 180,000 tons, in which above 6% is the worn out tire approximately approximately.

 At present, the recycling use's each kind of worn out rubber 90,000 tons, the recycling use factor is 5% approximately, compared to overseas advanced level low 3~4 percentage points. Also has the nearly 5% worn out rubbers not to recycle the use, in which worn out tire approximately composes 2%, the long-term stack, degrades with difficulty, becomes “the black pollution” the source.

 The Chinese worn out tire use is mainly produces the reclaimed rubber, retreading, the production curing rubber powder, these enterprises above 8% are the Small and medium-sized enterprises, could not form the scale, market competition ability is low. The majority recap tire enterprises equip the level not to be high, the technical force is weak, the essential test facility was incomplete, has affected the renewed tire mass further enhancement.

 Moreover, because the worn out tire recycling use belongs to half public utility, its processed products added value is low, in addition the Chinese worn out tire resource fragmentary dispersion, its recycling, the processing, the cartage expense are high, in addition the historical reason forms the personnel, the debt cloth wrapper serious, the business economic benefit is bad, the most enterprises lose money seriously, the production operation is difficult to sustain, the worn out tire recycling assumes the low level using the profession development to pace back and forth.

 “the black pollution” needs to use the legislative method solution

 How does the worn out tire process has been the universally accepted environmental protection difficult problem.

 National People's Congress represents, the national rubber and tire engineering technology Research center routine Assistant Director Yuan Zhongxue believed that under the worn out tire's loop already needed to rise using the question to the ecology civilization construction treats highly, wants the big strength solution environmental pollution question, uses fully to the restricted rubber sources, must formulate the legal standards promotion rubber sources loop use as soon as possible especially.

 Yuan Zhongxue recommended that first or sells the link in the tire production link is the collection worn out tire handling fee, may imitate the producer who the Western developed country adopts generally to extend responsibility system's procedure.

 Next, to the scrap tire transportation, storing, processing and uses again practices the strict write false value added tax invoices, the releasing policy encourages the standard to have the strength tire loop to enter the worn out tire recycling domain using the enterprise, and gives certain subsidy, enhances the regular enterprise through the economic levers to be engaged in the recycling profession the enthusiasm.

 Once more, the releasing policy encourages the retreading enterprise to provide the tire control and the service for the vehicle owner, lengthens the tire service life, reduces the scrap tire the production, from the source guaranteed that renovates the carcass of tire mass to be controllable, simultaneously bans the indigenous method to refine oil firmly the small factory, enhances the conditions illegal cost.

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