in 2015 reclaimed rubber profession six big incidents

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     First, the national promulgation rubber powder, the renewed tire, the reclaimed rubber tax preference policy current natural rubber, the synthetic rubber price declines, the rubber industry to the rubber renewable resource rubber powder, reclaimed rubber's application also in the situation which weakens, national releasing to the rubber powder, retreading, the reclaimed rubber product increment duty preferential policy, brings the advantage to the profession green development to be good, proved that this profession is the national support and the policy encourages.

     Second, reclaimed rubber profession faced with reforming
      By is getting more and more strict in the country to the environmental protection requirement, the social public also more and more cannot tolerate to the pollution discharge enterprise, the scrap rubber comprehensive utilization profession's security environmental protection question is also advanced on the keenest struggle.
     In order to speed up the renewable resource industry to be suitable the technology and the product promotion application advanced, the exploration renewable resource industrial development new mechanism, the new model, the country takes seriously more and more to the scrap rubber comprehensive utilization, the labor letter department tissue has launched one batch of resource regeneration use significant demonstration engineering construction.
     Third, the recycling rubber material global standard formulates imperative
     The European Tire Recycling Association (ETRA) recently indicated that with the American material and the experimental association (ASTM) together, to recycle the rubber material formulation global standard, draws up the standard which decides to include the detritus rubber, the rubber powder as well as the recycling carbon black.
     It is known that affects the tire recycling profession development the biggest barrier, is lacks a global recognition the recycling rubber material standard standard.
     Facing comes from the production manufacturer to be excessively many numerous and diverse different standard, the recycling rubber material user is very inconvenient. But produces the manufacturer best output which implements each one to be possible with every effort to obtain, cause user faced with standard standard and qualitative index aspect massive challenges.
     ETRA said that in March, 2016 the annual meeting which holds in Brussels, will take the formulation recycling rubber standard a subject. In addition, this December ETRA and ASTM will start in the American Florida to hold a series of conferences on the recycling rubber standard, the content involve the path to lay down the material, the rubber and the carbon black.
     Fourth, the scrap rubber comprehensive utilization “45” goal - - green reforming green reforming will become the scrap rubber comprehensive utilization profession “45” a profitable target.
     Implements this goal key is enhances the scrap rubber use value, the optimization product mix, researches and develops and promotes the new regeneration craft equipment through the independent innovation.
     In order to promote worn out rubber profession green reforming, in July, 2015 held the national first session scrap rubber green application on-the-spot meeting in the Zhejiang Tientai.
     Fifth, the Chinese scrap rubber resource is irresistible
     According to the Chinese Rubber Association statistics, in 2013, the Chinese natural gum, the synthesis rubber, the reclaimed rubber consumption respectively are 4,200,000 ton, 4,100,000 tons and 3,800,000 tons, estimated that to 2020, the natural gum consumption will amount to 6,500,000 tons, the synthesis rubber amounts to 5,500,000 tons, the reclaimed rubber will amount to 7,250,000 tons.
     According to trend of development, Chinese scrap rubber (including worn out tire) produces massively irresistible, provides the enough worn out rubber sources for the Chinese development rubber regeneration use.
     Looked optimistically that China will not have the rubber renewable resource short phenomenon, instead worried that the incapable thorough cleaning up and handling, how the environmental protection use worn out rubber will become “45” the most important work.
     Sixth, scrap rubber profession fresh target: The industrial linkage, the automation, the intellectualization will produce quantity unceasing enlargement along with the Chinese scrap rubber, the scrap rubber comprehensive utilization profession environmental protection, the resource dual responsibilities will strengthen further. “45” period, the industrial linkage, the automation, the intellectualization will become the profession fresh target, the innovation research and develop and use the advanced craft equipment, without doubt will achieve the twice the result with half the effort effect.

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